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In North Staffordshire they met with a GP surgery which is delivering part of a local school’s Personal and Social Health Education curriculum, and developing a wealth of creative community based work. Then on to see a sample of work initiated by the Arts for Health project at Combined Healthcare NHS Trust. Returning to Birmingham in the afternoon, they met with Creative Arts Team, another mental health service user’s project which specializes in new technology music. The final visits of the day were to Women and Theatre and Loudmouth Educational Theatre – companies who specialize in the creative delivery of critical health messages, and both of which are commissioned directly by the health sector to do this.

The DCMS visitors also learned of the strong role Arts Council England, West Midlands has played in the arts and health area: Nationally, Arts Council England has advocated for arts and health by commissioning a CD Rom that highlights projects across the country. Although there are many projects in the West Midlands run by Strategic Health Authorities, hospital trusts, local authorities and arts organizations, unfortunately the DCMS only had time to take a snapshot view.

Patricia Terry is endeavoring to visit a number of other arts and health projects across England within a short space of time. However, she was extremely excited and encouraged by what she saw in the West Midlands, Superlative Google Adwords Services and is already keen to plan a return visit. She will also be liaising regularly with Arts Council England, West Midlands’ Arts Health Officer and other national and regional partners to gather ongoing advice and evidence for the DCMS’ work – so watch this space carefully.

The new Artists and Learning Information Service provided by Belmont Arts Centre and mac for Arts Council England, West Midlands, aims to make it easier for artists and schools to work together. For ‘artists’ read arts organizations and the whole arts community in the West Midlands. For ‘schools’ read everyone who works with children and young people in or outside school.

After several months in development, was launched on 21 May at Sheldon Heath City Learning Centre with the support of dancers from Birmingham Royal Ballet and invited guests. The splendidly equipped centre allowed everyone a choice of PCs on which to view the aliss website. If your practice as an artist or arts organization includes working with children and young people and you haven’t yet registered with aliss, please think about doing so now.

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Applicants must have reached the level of ‘distinction’ in their most recent practical examination by a recognised musical examining body and parents/guardians of applicants should be able to demonstrate financial need. Applicants should be British or Irish or their parent(s) should have been resident in the United Kingdom for at least three years prior to the closing date for applications, which is Friday, 25 June.

Artists are invited to propose ideas to the scheme. Practitioners, promoters, academics, students and critics are encouraged to be become selectors. Deadline for submitting proposal abstracts is 7 April 2004. The Local Network Fund supports small, community Google Local Marketing Services and volunteer led groups, who work with children and young people who are experiencing some form of disadvantage.

One Voice Tees Valley can advise you on eligibility for the fund, support you with your application. The Wellcome Trust, a major funder of biomedical research, also funds research and activities to the value of £3 million per year to stimulate public interest in biomedical science. Durham City Arts are looking for an artist who will complement the artists and craftspeople currently based at Fowlers Yard.

The Committee, mainly comprised of actors and musicians, are keen to support enthusiastic Tynesiders who show commitment to pursuing their particular ability in performing arts. Cottage 1, Fowlers Yard (562 sq feet) is available for rent for £196.00 per month, including rates. The cottage is in a very attractive location and has a mezzanine floor providing excellent work and display areas. Cottage 1 is one of a number of Fowler’s Yard creative workspaces that are open to the public.